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03 Apr

Red Brick Station

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Red Brick Station Maryland Crab Soup Red Brick Station Maryland Crab Soup Photo Credit: Crab Soup Review

The Red Brick Station is a restaurant and brewpub located in The Avenue at White Marsh. Independently owned and operated, they strive to provide their guests with creative, English style dishes and English style beers. While the inside is large and accomidating, the outisde covered deck is where you want to be in the warmer months. But we're not here just for the beer. We're also looking to see how an English style pub fares with their crab soup!

Maryland Crab Soup

The Maryland Crab Soup is made with a vegetable and tomato base, loaded with lots of fresh vegetables and blue crab meat. Tomatoes, onions, corn, green beans, lima beans, potatoes, carrots, and peas.

The crab meat has some really good flavor to it, which is expected when you advertise blue crab. The vegetables are a bit mushy, but retain some flavor, albeit not that of fresh vegetables. The menu says the soup is a little spicy, but we found it to be lightly spiced.

Despite the spice and the flavor of the crab, the predominant flavors of the soup are tomatoes and onions. The vegetable flavor is very monotone with not much complexity. Adding crackers didn't help much, either. The vegetables kind of mask the crab flavor, despite there being some sizable chunks of crab in the soup.

  • Review Date:11/10/2012 3:46pm
  • Atmosphere:Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered:Maryland Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Vegetable Crab Soup
  • Price:$3.99
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:25%
  • Broth:25%
  • Additional Ingredients:50%
  • Spice:Average
  • Overall Impression:Mediocre
  • Rating:



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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Red Brick Station
  • Address: 8149 Honeygo Blvd White Marsh, MD 21236
  • Neighborhood: White Marsh
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Mail order available?: No
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