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10 Apr

Gunpowder Lodge

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What's better than hiking around Gunpowder Falls and enjoying the beauty of nature that Baltimore has to offer us, than to end that afternoon with some good food and cold beverages at a local nearby establishment? Nothing! Run by the same folks that bring us Freddie's, the Gunpowder Lodge (or GPL, as it is known locally) is a restaurant with an outdoorsy theme. They pride themselves on serving fresh food and providing a specials menu that changes weekly. Our sister site, the Crab Cake Review, thought that the GPL's crab cakes were pretty righteous. So let's see if the soup is on par with the rest of the kitchen!

Cream of Crab Soup

The Cream of Crab is of the usual composition, being that of a cream base, sherry, spices, and crab meat. The one important thing to point out is that the crab is added on top before serving.

This soup is really quite good! The crab smell that hits you when you get the bowl smells awesome! Nice, sweet flavor to the crab, which is also in nice sized chunks and plentiful enough to have crab in almost every bite. The broth has a bit of a flowery/pasty taste to it. But the spice! The spice sneaks up on you with a peppery punch that lingers well after the last bite. Not to say that's a bad thing, as we really liked it. But if you're not used to spicy cream of crab soups, then you may be taking a gamble here.

If we had to do anything, we'd hold back on the pepper a bit, and up the crab seasoning. The pepper sort of takes over, so any other spices are lost, and it starts to compete with the delicious flavor of the crab.

  • Review Date:11/23/2012 4:25pm
  • Atmosphere:Not Busy to Moderate
  • Item(s) Ordered:Cream of Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Cream of Crab Soup
  • Price:$3.99
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:30%
  • Broth:70%
  • Additional Ingredients:0%
  • Spice:Average
  • Overall Impression:Very Good
  • Rating:



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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: Gunpowder Lodge
  • Address: 10092 Belair Rd. Kingsville, MD 21087
  • Neighborhood: Kingsville
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Mail order available?: No

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