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03 Oct

Crab Galley

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The Crab Galley is a family-owned local seafood carryout establishment, specializing in steamed crabs and other seafood.  They have locations in Odenton and Bowie.  Primarily a carryout restaurant, you can also get crabs and crab cakes to go and cook at home.  So swing on by and support your local neighborhood seafood shop and see what they have for you!

Cream of Crab Soup

Soups are available in a cup or a bowl.  The Cream of Crab soup takes a bit of prep time, as they steam the crab before it goes in the bowl.  

The Cream of Crab soup consists of a thick, creamy chicken base, with potatoes and crab meat.  Some sherry may be present, but the spices predominate.

The freshly steamed crab meat has some flavor to it, but not a whole lot.  Could have used some spices when it got steamed.  The crab meat is plentiful throughout the soup, though, with crab meat in every bite.  Potatoes are also in the soup to give it some texture, but don't really lend much by way of flavor to the soup.  Could have done without.

The broth is peppery and spicy with a hint of Old Bay.  Smells like cream, so you don't expect the spice.  If you appreciate a spicy cream soup, then this soup will be pretty decent.  The soup is served with oyster crackers, which seems to tone down the spice a bit, if only by a tiny amount.  Add some more Old Bay for a more traditional flavor, but you only need a tiny bit, as the Old Bay will kick up a salt flavor that you didn't know was present.

  • Review Date:09/18/2012
  • Atmosphere:Not Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered:Cream of Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Cream of Crab Soup
  • Price:$4.95
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:40%
  • Broth:55%
  • Additional Ingredients:5%
  • Spice:Above Average
  • Overall Impression:Average
  • Rating:



Maryland Crab Soup

MD Crab Soup is available in cup or bowl.

Crab meat is strings, not chunks that are added afterwards like the cream of crab soup had. Maybe a few chunks of crab meat are in the soup, but very few. There are LOTS of veggies. Mostly green beans, with some celery, peas, corn, onion, potato and bacon (mmmmm....bacon!). Kind of surprised there no carrots.

Broth is crab stock with slight tomato taste. Not spicy at all -- didn't really notice any crab seasonings. Veggies aren't fresh tasting, end up tasting kind of bland.

Some spice hits on the back end. Bacon really doesn't impart much flavor. Crab meat flavor is ok. Served with baked oyster crackers, which add crunch amongst the mushiness, but makes the tomato taste jump out more. Add some Old Bay for extra flavor -- this soup definetly needs it.

  • Review Date:09/18/2012 3:14pm
  • Atmosphere:Not Busy
  • Item(s) Ordered:Maryland Crab Soup
  • Soup Style:Vegetable Crab Soup
  • Price:$3.95
  • Order Type:Cup
  • Crab Content:15%
  • Broth:35%
  • Additional Ingredients:50%
  • Spice:Minimal
  • Overall Impression:Mediocre
  • Rating:



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Additional Info

  • Restaurant Name: The Crab Galley
  • Address: 1351 Odenton Rd Odenton, MD 21113
  • Neighborhood: Odenton
  • Restaurant Type: Local
  • Mail order available?: No

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